Traffic engineers in Sydney play an important role in road and structural designs. If you have been in a situation where traffic was bumper to bumper, you know how tricky road designs can be. And it’s not just roads, you may also have had trouble accessing a building. Such buildings often need some calculation before one can access them.

Heavy traffic and inaccessible buildings are what happens when we ignore traffic engineers. There are many untruths surrounding traffic engineers in Sydney. Most of these misconceptions come from a place of ignorance. Let’s try to shed some light on these misconceptions below.

They are the same as civil engineers

While there’s some truth to this, this statement isn’t all true. Traffic engineers in Sydney do study civil engineering alright. The difference comes in where traffic engineers specialize in road designs and planning. This is a specific area of study that is a subset of civil engineering with little overlap.

This misconception is usually at the heart of every well-designed building that is inaccessible. Most people believe that having a civil engineer on a project is enough to make it a success. What follows in such cases are buildings that have massive traffic at entry and exit points. This is one of the main reasons why you should have a traffic engineer in Sydney as part of your project.

They should design bigger roads

This is a thought that anyone who has been stuck in traffic at some point has had. While bigger roads may accommodate more people, they are not liveable. This is in the sense that bigger roads, or highways if you may, are only practical for long-distance travel. Granted, designing bigger roads for shorter commutes might improve the traffic situation. The question is, at what cost?

These are all factors that traffic engineers in Sydney consider in projects. This way, they only end up with practical road designs that are for the benefit of the people.

They should design for extremes

In this instance, extremes include a fire truck racing to put out a fire. Or even an ambulance trying to get an ill patient to the hospital. All these situations can happen at any given time. And when they do happen, it’s upon us who are on the road to give way.

Traffic engineers usually consider such events in their designs. There are sections of roads that have curb extensions at intersections. To a motorist, it may slow them down a bit but if a heavy emergency vehicle needed to turn, it creates a safe distance to do so. Plus, designing for extremes only encourages extreme situations from ordinary road users.

Traffic engineering services in Sydney

It would be a great disservice to your next project to assume you can do without a traffic engineer. There are so many potential mistakes that you can avoid by hiring traffic engineers in Sydney. This is why you shouldn’t take the chance in the first place. TTPA is the leading traffic engineering firm in Sydney. Call us for your next project and we’ll help you get accessible infrastructure.