Traffic planning is at the core of traffic engineering services. This is because for roads to be efficient, traffic engineers need to plan and design them. This planning and design involve taking several studies and analysing the data. From this data, traffic engineers in Sydney are then able to design roads for all users.

The data that traffic engineers in Sydney use if designing projects considers several factors. These factors all affect the flow of traffic on roads. What this means is that if they don’t consider these factors, they may end up with poor road designs. Let’s have a look at some of these factors below.

Traffic counts

This is the main factor that affects traffic engineering plans. This is because traffic engineers in Sydney endeavour to design efficient roads. And for roads to be efficient there needs to be a smooth flow of traffic. Traffic count includes the number of road users that use the road, or that are expected to use it. This covers all modes of transport including drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

By considering the amount of foot traffic on a section of the road, traffic engineers are able to plan for zebra crossings. This way, the traffic engineers in Sidney can ensure that pedestrians cross safely. Other than that, planning crossings enables for smooth traffic flow which is the idea. This also reduces conflict among road users as everyone is considered in the design.


Traffic engineers in Sydney also consider the activities that are available along roads. These activities include the existence of amenities like malls, schools, or even churches. Any activity that would cause a large number of people to gather affects traffic. This is especially if it takes place in the middle of a busy town.

This is why traffic engineers in Sydney have to consider activities. In doing so, the amount of traffic caused by people trying to access such amenities reduces. Another benefit of factoring in activities along roads is improving safety. It is not uncommon to find pedestrians around places that have certain amenities.

Taking such factors into consideration enables traffic engineers in Sydney to plan for them. You wouldn’t want your business to be the one people are avoiding because it’s not accessible. This is why you should consult traffic engineers in Sydney for your next project.

Road-user behaviour

This in a nutshell is how people use roads. People here are drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. Their behaviour involves understanding things like how often they use the road. Points to consider here include the amount of time spent on the road and the speed of driving. Traffic engineers in Sydney will also consider peak road-use times or the direction of travel.

All the aspects of road use affect the amount of traffic on the road. This is why traffic engineers in Sydney consider them when designing roads.

TTPA traffic engineers in Sydney

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