If you are a Traffic Engineer in Sydney, you will most likely not have any issues finding work. As transport is always a hot topic, especially when it comes to the planning of construction, any projects that may affect commuters in some way will always have a high level of consideration for traffic planning. It does not matter if those changes are permanent or only a temporary part of construction, the role of a Traffic Engineer in Sydney is to come up with the best plan to handle any issues, potential or definite. That is why hiring a Traffic Engineer with a high level of experience is paramount and that is exactly what you will get when you hire a TTPA Traffic Engineer in Sydney. With a great track record in a range of different projects, having a Traffic Engineer that is competent and experienced with not just planning and accounting for every possible detail, but one that is dedicated to their traffic planning being implemented as smoothly as possible. TTPA’s Traffic Engineers are industry leaders and have a strong grasp on what they need to do ensure that any project goes off with as little issues as possible. Not only are the efficient at planning, our engineers are brilliant at handling and managing any unforeseen circumstances. For a high level of service, do not look past TTPA for a Traffic Engineer in Sydney.

Trust the Word of Our Clientele

A company is only as good as their testimonials and actions speak for themselves, which is why at TTPA we feel confident to say that we have a great track record for success. We know that any Traffic Engineer in Sydney that works for TTPA is the crème of crop and come in with a wealth of knowledge, experience and skill- no matter what the project is. From housing developments, to shopping centres to the building of traffic infrastructure, the knowledge of TTPA spreads for and wide in the transport industry. Do not just take our word for it though, let our clientele pass on their testimonials: “TTPA played a significant part in our successful quest to secure a Development Consent for our project at Rozelle,” Managing Director of APG, Michael Kirby, states showing the importance of having a Traffic Engineer on your side who can argue and put together a case for you to have the best traffic plans. Other client testimonies like General Manager of Walker Corporation David Gallant, a company that TTPA has been working with for a long time, expresses that “TTPA have assisted Walker Corporation with many major development projects over the past 20 years including shopping centres (Broadway, Rhodes) residential precincts (King Street Wharf, Rhodes Peninsula) and industrial/warehouse precincts (Citiswich Qld, Monaro Estate ACT, M5 Industrial Park Moorebank, Erskine Park) as well as projects in South East Asia. TTPA have always exhibited a proactive, innovative and determined approach which has exceeded the expectations of Walker Corporation and their expertise has greatly assisted challenging projects becoming successful development for Walker Corporation.” It is testimonials like this and long haul contracts from repeated clients that prove that TTPA has not just the best Traffic Engineers in Sydney work for us, but we have Traffic Engineers that are committed to servicing our clients and putting their all into every project the do.

About TTPA

If you are looking for a Traffic Engineer in Sydney, then it is hard to go past TTPA. Established in 1994, TTPA has been committed to providing the best traffic solutions for projects all across Sydney. With a dynamic team that has a wealth of knowledge and experience between, you will be hard pressed to find another company that shines a light to TTPA. Since 1994, the portfolio of TTPA is one that holds an impressive track record. Working on a range of well-known projects like the Queen Victoria Building, Darling Harbour, World Square and Pitt Street Mall. Continuing to provide excellent service with a growing team of traffic engineers and specialist, TTPA shows no sign of slowing down. Despite though working with some of the biggest corporations in Australia, TTPA still keeps the same focused and meticulous approach that gave us the edge to begin, providing the best possible service to every project that falls into our hands.