The job of a traffic engineer is essential in maintaining safety and order in society. A traffic engineer in Sydney works with a team to design new roads, streets, and highways.

What is traffic engineering?

Traffic engineering is a branch of civil engineering that helps to optimise the effective movement of people, goods, and transportation. It uses engineering techniques to enhance safety and effectively move people and vehicles over roadways. The priority of traffic engineering is to meet the end user’s needs in the best ways. Without traffic engineers, our roads will be unsafe, congested, and underdeveloped.

Traffic engineering involves various aspects such as signal design, signal timing, road safety audits, traffic modelling, traffic forecasting, and management.

Some of the objectives of traffic engineering in Sydney include the following:

  • Design efficient traffic flow through research and groundbreaking design efforts.
  • Ensure free flow of traffic
  • Planning long and short-term goals, budgets, and operation of the Bureau of Engineering.
  • Gather traffic data and record findings for further analysis
  • Design roadways and highways that encourage safety.
  • They are responsible for providing government departments with reports of engineering issues.

To successfully implement these objectives, traffic engineers are expected to research, study large amounts of data and characteristics of the traffic.

Benefits of a traffic engineer in Sydney

1. Traffic engineers work to provide a safer community for pedestrians, vehicles, and goods. A road that is better designed and constructed will significantly reduce congestion during the peak period.

2. With the help of a traffic engineer, daily operations are easier with improved safety for everyone.

3. We cannot overlook the role of traffic engineers who keep the community safe daily. The contributions towards neighbourhood traffic safety plans ensure residents, including children and the elderly, stay safe.

4. Have you ever wondered how the roads stay organized? How do intersections have traffic signals? Some have roundabouts or four-way stops. It’s all the work of a traffic engineer in Sydney.

5. A lot of planning goes into selecting the best intersection or roadway for different locations. It is all coordinated to be the safest for road users.

What goes into traffic engineering

A traffic engineer in Sydney will evaluate everything from the roadway and driveways to car parks and other relevant areas to analyze existing traffic patterns. They will also identify the safety and operational issues of roads or intersections.

Once the analysis is complete and existing plans are identified, an engineering model is developed to create a more functional structure.

Aside from the enhancement of traffic flow, installing road signs, traffic lights, and construction of roadways, they also improve traffic in residential areas.

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