With the population growing and activities in urban areas increasing, the importance of traffic modelling is paramount. This is because the population will continue to grow and our industries with it which naturally leads to more traffic.

But how will we all fit into our already crowded spaces? Remember, the space that’s available for us all isn’t growing. Instead, we have to make do with what’s available. Luckily for us, traffic engineers in Sydney can help us avoid future problems through traffic modelling.

What is traffic modelling?

Traffic modelling is a tool that uses mathematical theories to design roads. This tool involves using information such as driving speed, the width of roads and time. The information is computed to find the most optimal design for a road. These designs are are optimized to enhance the flow of traffic thus reducing the amount of time spent commuting.

Now that you know what traffic modelling is, let’s dive into some advantages.

Informed road designs

With information from traffic modelling, traffic engineers in Sydney can design efficient roads. This efficiency decreases the amount of time spent on the road and improves the accessibility of different locations. Traffic modelling enables traffic engineers in Sydney to also plan the optimal points for traffic signs.

Road signs aren’t placed at random on the road and sometimes, road signs can fail. If a road sign or traffic lights are placed incorrectly, there’s bound to be heavy traffic at that location. This is where traffic engineers in Sydney bring their expertise. The traffic engineers are able to use mathematical models to determine the best positions for traffic signs.

Traffic modelling also enables traffic engineers in Sydney to predict speeds. This is because the models simulate road scenarios at different speeds to find the best speed to avoid traffic. This is how recommended speed limits are set on roads. Setting speed limits assumes that people want to use the shortest time to get from point A to point B.

Inclusive road use

This is another benefit of getting traffic modelling from traffic engineers in Sydney. Many people are adopting different modes of transport today. They are doing this to either avoid traffic or reduce their carbon footprint. This is why scooters, bicycles and pedestrians are a more common occurrence on roads.

Traffic engineers in Sydney incorporate all road users in traffic modelling. This helps to optimize roads for all users regardless of their mode of transport. The result is that the road designs become inclusive, all while reducing traffic.

TTPA traffic engineers Sydney

At TTPA, we take pride in adding value to different projects. This is because we offer valuable professional insights into project designs. These insights ensure that there’s smooth traffic in and around projects. This goes on to ensure the project doesn’t encounter accessibility issues once complete. Contact us today if you need to maximize the use of your space, we’ll help you find the optimal plan.