Undertaking a new building project, especially one on a large scale, requires the involvement of several professionals from many industries. Over twenty years of experience in Sydney Traffic Engineer consultancy makes TTPA a leader in their industry. A consultation with TTPA provides a comprehensive and personalised approach to traffic management and urban planning. Each project is carefully assessed and recommendations are made to exceed the client’s desired outcome. TTPA consultants can assist with traffic impact assessments, pre-acquisition due diligence assessments, engineering design certification, and planning proposal/re-zoning investigations. The proven track record with successful developments involving industrial, retail, aged care, land subdivision, and high-rise projects, means you can be assured of TTPA’s expertise and professionalism. While we are associated with some of the largest private sector corporations within Australia, TTPA provides the same expert attention to detail to small and medium size projects.

A Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP)

Having a Construction Traffic Management Plan to ensure your project meets council requirements is essential. These requirements can vary depending on your location and the location of the building site so consulting with specialist Traffic Engineers in Sydney ensures the CTMP is accurate. TTPA specialises in these reports thus booking a consultation with us is a wise decision. It is not as simple as deciding to build in a particular place for a specific purpose. A CTMP details the scope, a general breakdown of activities, and the hours of operation for the project. It must then report on how construction traffic is going to be managed. Considerations include the type and amount of construction traffic, entries and exits to the worksite, and details on where loading and unloading will occur. The impact on the surrounding area must be considered, including effects on current businesses, residents, pedestrians, emergency services access, and staff parking. A CTMP is focused on the building site itself so if there is any reason for a temporary road blockage, your Sydney traffic engineer will need to create a different report. TTPA has intimate knowledge of the requirements and provides a detailed CTMP for each project.

Traffic Engineer Courses

With city developments only increasing, becoming a Traffic Engineer in Sydney is a rewarding career option. Studying a Civil Engineering degree gives the background knowledge required to design, construct, and maintain roads and highways or a traffic management course can provide you with the aptitude to manage traffic plans. A Traffic Engineer is responsible for safe and efficient routes, with careful planning of traffic lights, intersections, and overpasses and exits to minimize accident risks and enhance traffic flow. They are also a significant part of new developments, developing traffic management schemes and future requirements based on population projections. It is an excellent career with a variety of workplaces and liaising with professionals from various industries. Some courses allow you to begin working as a Traffic Engineer in Sydney while studying and providing hands-on experience and knowledge. Once your initial study is completed, and you have gained experience, you may end up working with TTPA on some amazing projects. You may assist with an upgrade to the local public school or develop a new modern art building. A new hospital extension or large logistics estate might need your advice on traffic planning; the opportunities are endless as a Sydney Traffic Engineer.