No matter what you intend to implement whether it be residential housing, public spaces or commercial premises, the change to the area will have an impact on surrounding traffic; this can be just during the building process or a permanent impact. Temporary road closures or diversions through the building process, increased traffic on the roads, changes in the road conditions, signalling changes, these changes need to be considered when undertaking any building of infrastructure, roadways or community spaces. This is where the role of a Traffic Engineer in Sydney comes in. A place that already has a lot of traffic in and around the city, Sydney has such a dense population so even the slightest changes in conditions can have a significant impact on traffic. A Traffic Engineer in Sydney can help aid in any project, whether it be private, public or government, to ensure that the impact on existing traffic is minimal when it comes to bringing in any changes. By consulting through the process, they can help applications address any potential issues or help Governments and local councils decide on what changes to make to allow for increased traffic. This can be in regard to temporary road closures and diversions, or even permanent changes like speed limits, signalling and signage. Essentially the role of a Traffic Engineer in Sydney to come up with strategies and solutions to ensure that any project they are working does not have a detrimental or disruptive impact on the flow of traffic, or as little as possible.

Our Projects

Our Traffic Engineers in Sydney at TTPA have been in a wide range of projects in many different areas in and around the city. Being involved in a diverse range of projects ensures that they are able to have solutions and the ability to work on any project they happen to be assigned too. At TTPA we have been given the contracts for many commercial jobs like Drummoyne Commercial Parking, Majors Bay Commercial parking study and assessment and the Sydney Greenland Centre. We have worked in community spaces like the Kent Road Public School Upgrade, the Sydney Modern Project as part of the Art Gallery of NSW and the Walsh Bay Arts precinct redevelopment. Our traffic engineers in Sydney have also had experience working on residential projects and estates, most notably the Prestons Logistics Estate and the Montaine Residence in Mount Annan. Different projects have different needs, and by having a diverse range of experience, we can offer a wide range of services. The needs around hospitals, like the consulting and work we did on the Nepean Private Hospital Expansion are different to the needs for a project like the work we did on Lachlan’s Line on Epping Road. Traffic Engineers in Sydney are kept on their toes with such a vast array of projects, which is why at TTPA we know that we have to ensure that our engineers are the most experienced and qualified so they can bring their best to every project they work on.

Road Safety First

If we go by the statistics alone, there really is not any places that are more dangerous than our roads. With the potential for so much danger, especially in a place that there is a lot of traffic and congestion, it is paramount that road safety is one of the most important things in every community. Traffic flow, hazards and anything else that has the potential to cause issues need to be addressed and that is why it is important that Traffic Engineers in Sydney are consulted when it comes to any new project or infrastructure being built. Traffic Engineers in Sydney are not just essential, they also need to be highly qualified to ensure that road safety is implemented at the highest standard. That is why our Engineers at TTPA have the experience and know how to put road safety first. We understand what causes issues, how to rectify them and have the foresight to be able to construct and implement the right plans to best deal with any issues or hazards. Without proper road safety considerations, projects may never even make it past the approval stage so working with experienced traffic engineers like our team at TTPA is the best decision you can make, not just for your project but for the safety of the community.