Any new urban development project in Sydney requires development consent. And one of the major factors in obtaining consent is traffic management. The developer needs to prove that their project will not increase the road traffic in the area.

This is why you need a traffic engineer in Sydney. TTPA is a boutique transport planning and traffic engineering consultancy in Sydney. And we provide services to developers, architects, town planners and local governments. Here’s a brief breakdown of the work we do.

Transport planning

Our traffic engineers in Sydney help with transport planning. This is the process of preparing for future needs to move people and goods to destinations. It involves the assessment and design of transport facilities. Such as streets, highways, bike lanes, and public transport lines. And, our traffic engineers in Sydney keep everything running smoothly.

Our transport planners minimise the social, economic and environmental effects of their work. And, they also understand the legal, regulatory policy and resource frameworks within which they work. They then apply the relevant tools and techniques in designing the transport projects, systems and services.

Traffic engineering in Sydney

Traffic engineering is another branch of civil engineering. It uses engineering techniques to achieve the safe and efficient movement of people and goods on roadways. It deals with the functional part of transportation, not including the infrastructures provided.

As traffic engineers in Sydney, TTPA focuses on development projects in Sydney and greater NSW. TTPA has prepared many Traffic Impact Assessment reports for its clients. These reports are necessary to accompany the Development Application submission.

Parking and loading access

Carpark and loading circulation assessment is another thing we consult on. Many of our clients have asked us to help with fixing these issues in their development projects. Among them is the Sydney Greenland Centre, at the corner of Bathurst Street and Pitt Street. It is a mixed residential, retail, hotel and commercial centre.

The City of Canada Bay also sought us on a commercial parking study and assessment of Drummoyne. It was an investigation of car parking supply and demand. We proposed several options to address parking issues. Our traffic engineers in Sydney also prepared a Construction Traffic Management Plan for the Art Gallery of NSW. It focused on recommendations for construction vehicle access with the gallery.

5-pronged approach

Our approach to adding value to our projects involves 5 consulting practices:

  • Applying in-depth expertise
  • Offering pragmatic solutions
  • Providing meticulous attention
  • Communicating responsively
  • Maintaining our clients’ best interests

These practices have helped tremendously in bringing positive benefits to our clients’ projects.

Our success rate has led to increasing demand for our services. Yet we remain a small and nimble team of specialists. This allows us to maintain consistency in our consulting philosophy.

Since 1994, TTPA has had a long and successful track record. As transport planners and traffic engineers in Sydney, we continue to impart its single-minded and meticulous attention to all projects.

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