Transport is high on the agenda when it comes to planning for construction or other works that affect commuters. Whether it is temporary or permanent changes to the traffic, a Traffic Engineer in Sydney with TTPA is high on the list for developing a salient plan to combat the impact works have on traffic. Ensuring the flow of traffic is integral to works being conducted in the city and TTPA’s Traffic Engineers in Sydney are second to none when it comes to planning and guiding traffic management plans. With major projects, traffic planning is essential and unforeseen circumstances can crop up hence Traffic Engineers in Sydney are competent with catering for major projects and alleviating the traffic build-up or congestion. In a city like Sydney, Traffic Engineers have their work cut out for them as the city is bustling with traffic. With a proven track record, TTPA provides exceptional traffic planning and we work hard to ensure that your project works run as smoothly as possible with minimal disruption to traffic. We are leaders in the industry and only employ Traffic Engineers in Sydney with lateral thinking and the ability to deliver outstanding support for your project.

Reporting and Approval

Traffic Engineers in Sydney with TTPA provide a detailed report for you to deliver to the local Council or governing body for the area where your project is going to hit. We have the safety of the public at our core and engage in conducive strategies for traffic planning. Our plans get approved as we deliver on the goods with sound traffic management plans and we save you time and money on investing into a project without a proper traffic plan in place. We understand that you want your project to get off the ground without a hitch and we ensure that our Traffic Engineers in Sydney are exceptional at what they do and second to none with their planning. Expert advice from our Traffic Engineers at TTPA is renowned and relied upon by many major companies who have organised works to be completed; we are proud of what we do and what we can achieve for you too. We address all concerns for traffic management and offer solutions tailored for your specific project. TTPA has solutions that you require for your works and even if interruptions to traffic are brief, it is still important to have a plan in place.


As leading Traffic Engineers in Sydney, TTPA provides outstanding solutions with a comprehensive traffic management plan. Our clientele trust us to deliver and we help your project get approved. Clients like David Gallant, General Manager of Walker Corporation say that ‘TTPA have assisted Walker Corporation with many major development projects over the past 20 years including shopping centres (Broadway, Rhodes) residential precincts (King Street Wharf, Rhodes Peninsula) and industrial/warehouse precincts (Citiswich Qld, Monaro Estate ACT, M5 Industrial Park Moorebank, Erskine Park) as well as projects in South East Asia. TTPA have always exhibited a proactive, innovative and determined approach which has exceeded the expectations of Walker Corporation and their expertise has greatly assisted challenging projects becoming successful development for Walker Corporation’. Our longevity with Walker Corporation is one of our proudest feats as we aim to work alongside companies for the long haul. Michael Kirby, Managing Director of APG says ‘TTPA played a significant part in our successful quest to secure a Development Consent for our project at Rozelle. Having provided design advice through the DA phase, Bernard Lo provided expert evidence in the Land and Environment Court. The case was won on facts, and Bernard’s attention to detail and diligent analysis of the facts were the difference between winning and losing the case. Bernard’s technical capability was evident throughout the Hearing, but his calm and confident approach was most convincing. The Commissioner was complementary of Bernard’s compelling evidence in his judgement.’ Our Traffic Engineers in Sydney are second to none in providing suitable traffic management plans and we can afford to boast with our clients’ satisfaction as we get it right the first time.